Robin Ann Morris


Meet Robin Ann Morris, a trailblazing entrepreneur with a storied career spanning multiple industries. Robin’s entrepreneurial odyssey commenced in 2001 with the inception of GamTrak LLC, serving as an Independent Contractor. She steered GamTrak LLC to immense success through sheer dedication and business acumen, culminating in its acquisition by a rival firm in 2017.

Before her entrepreneurial pursuits, Robin honed her prowess in various staffing roles, amassing invaluable technical and managerial expertise. 2015 marked a significant milestone as she founded the MaryJane Agency, LLC – a premier staffing solution based in Denver, Colorado. Not one to rest on her laurels, Robin soon made a strategic move back to Ohio, immersing herself in the burgeoning Medical Marijuana (MMJ) program.

Robin’s passion for sharing knowledge led to the birth of the MJA eLearning Academy in 2020. Here, she distills her insights, systems, and techniques for crafting a thriving Virtual Assistant venture. Adept in project management, Robin’s fervor lies in mentoring budding entrepreneurs, imparting invaluable lessons from her journey.

Over the years, Robin has mastered many programs, systems, and tools, a treasure trove of knowledge she eagerly shares with ambitious entrepreneurs. Her seasoned tenure in Colorado has armed her with foundational insights, positioning her as a trusted guide for those venturing into the virtual assistant realm.

Robin Ann Morris stands as a testament to unwavering determination and entrepreneurial spirit. Committed to the success of others, she endeavors to mentor and guide aspirants in the virtual assistant sector. Her penchant for systematic approaches and her love for teaching coalesce, ensuring her tutelage is comprehensive and impactful, arming her proteges with the arsenal they need to flourish.

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