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What we offer...

A 12-month deep dive into a business strategy and systems that will allow entrepreneurs, with the assistance of a Virtual Assistant, looking to build or grow a financially independent business – without the tech and overwhelm.

If you are ready to create or grow your Virtual Assistant business to generate paying clients while being part of a community of like-minded Cannapreneurs...

Then you will be happy to learn about the MJA Virtual Assistant Masterclass that I have created just for online coaches and course creators. If you would like to know how to do the techie things that will help you create a digital course without spending hours learning how.

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Business Plan

Phase 1 - (Business Plan for VAs) - Work on your mindset & goals for your business to come up with a strategy for the current year and beyond.

Target Market

Phase 2 - (Create Your Customer Avatar Blueprint) - Learn how to build the ideal client that knows how you can help them with their problem.


Phase 3 - (MJA Product and Service Development) - Work on your goals for your business and come up with a strategy for the year and beyond.

Email Marketing

Phase 4 - (Email Marketing Made Simple) - Learn how to build and grow an email list of paying customers that are looking for your service.


Phase 5 - (Eye-Catching Advertising Blueprint) - Learn to create custom images for all of your advertising & graphic design needs.


Phase 6 - (Efficiently Sell & Onboard Clients) - Learn how to sell your product or service and maintain happy revenue generating customers.


Phase 7 - (MJA WordPress Workshop) - Learn how to build your own website using WordPress and plugins as your platform.

Online Course

Phase 8 - (Course Creation Blueprint) - Learn how to build and launch your digital course with the help of a Virtual Assistant.


Phase 9 - (Entrepreneur Productivity Formula) - Learn how to build systems and put processes in place that save time and allow you to generate income.

Social Media

Phase 10 - (Social Media Growth Strategy) - Learn how to build and grow your social media audience with your ideal customer avatar.


Phase 11 - (Business Automation Strategy) - Learn how to save time by automating the email and marketing tasks in your business.


Phase 12 - (Tech & Website Basics ) - Learn how to utilize technology along with the best software, tools and resources.

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You have downloaded a ton of lead magnets, read many social media posts in countless groups, but you still can't get over the tech hump.

You are not sure where to start or how to put all of the bookmarks, screenshots and downloads into a system that works for you.

At this point are you confused and about to give up on having a Virtual Assistant Business?

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Imagine having complete control over the growth of your Virtual Assistant Business. Having the ability to decide how you spend the majority of your time each day while continuing to generate a steady stream of revenue.

Do you dream of having the strategies and systems needed to grow your business over the next 12 months with me as your mentor and coach. I will lead you step-by-step with a customized road map on how to make your vision for your business become your reality.

Looking for a better way to earn income?

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